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Question 1: Larger, but not large, settlements existed around royal forts, such as at ________, or associated with religious foundations.
ForresBurgheadLossiemouthElgin, Moray

Question 2: No Pictish counterparts to the areas of denser settlement around important fortresses in ________ and southern Britain, or any other significant urban settlements, are known.
La Tène cultureGaulsGaulCelts

Question 3: Pictish recorded history begins in the ________.
Dark AgesMedievalismMiddle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 4: [15] Later they would reappear in myth and ________.
FolkloreLegendFairy taleStorytelling

Question 5: Some evidence suggests that a Pictish kingdom also existed in ________.

Question 6: Pictland was not solely influenced by ________ and Ireland.

Question 7: There is only limited evidence of long-distance trade with Pictland, but tableware and storage vessels from Gaul, probably transported up the ________, have been found.
Atlantic OceanArctic OceanNorth SeaIrish Sea

Question 8: Cereal crops included wheat, ________, oats and rye.

Question 9: Those prefixed with "Aber-", "Lhan-", or "Pit-" indicate regions inhabited by Picts in the past (for example: ________, Lhanbryde, Pitmedden, Pittodrie etc).

Question 10: Early Pictish religion is presumed to have resembled ________ in general, although only place names remain from the pre-Christian era.
Celtic polytheismDruidCeltic mythologyCeltic Reconstructionist Paganism

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