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Pickett's Charge: Quiz


Question 1: Symonds, Craig L., American Heritage History of the Battle of Gettysburg, ________, 2001, ISBN 0-06-019474-X.
William Morrow and CompanyNational Geographic WildHarperCollinsFox News Channel

Question 2: Webb, mortified that the 71st had retreated, brought the 72nd Pennsylvania (a ________ regiment) forward, stabilizing the line.
Italian unificationRussian EmpireSpahiZouave

Question 3: [32] Of the 15 regimental commanders in Pickett's division, the ________ produced eleven and all eleven were lost—six killed, five wounded.
Virginia Military InstituteRoanoke CollegeVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityRadford University

Question 4: Shell and solid shot in the beginning turned to canister and ________ fire as the Confederates came within 400 yards of the Union line.
MusketEarly Modern warfareMusketeerFlintlock

Question 5: Ironically, the Union troops that fatally wounded Armistead were under the command of his old friend, ________.
Winfield Scott HancockDemocratic Party (United States)George B. McClellanJames Buchanan

Question 6: ________'s division of the I Corps, including the 2nd Vermont Brigade of Brig.
George MeadeAbner DoubledayJohn F. ReynoldsJames Longstreet

Question 7: Clark, Champ, and the Editors of Time-Life Books, Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide, ________, 1985, ISBN 0-8094-4758-4.
Time–LifeBirds & BloomsFunk & WagnallsReader's Digest

Question 8: They were also subjected to a surprise musket fusillade from the ________ regiment.
8th Ohio InfantryRobert E. Lee4th Ohio InfantryAmerican Civil War

Question 9: Fredericksburg!" in reference to the disastrous Union advance on the Confederate line during the 1862 ________.
Battle of AntietamBattle of GettysburgBattle of ChancellorsvilleBattle of Fredericksburg

Question 10: The site of Pickett's Charge is one of the best-maintained portions of the ________.
Eisenhower National Historic SiteGettysburg BattlefieldPoint State ParkColton Point State Park


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