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Question 1: The first string instruments with struck strings were the hammered dulcimers originating from the ________ instrument santur.
Andalusian classical musicArabic musicIranian folk musicPersian traditional music

Question 2: In quality pianos, this is made of solid ________ (that is, spruce boards glued together at their edges).

Question 3: The invention of the modern piano is credited to ________ (1655-1731) of Padua, Italy, who was employed by Prince Ferdinand de Medici as the Keeper of the Instruments.
SpinettoneBartolomeo CristoforiOval spinetFerdinando de' Medici, Grand Prince of Tuscany

Question 4:
What mountain range is Piano a part of?

Question 5:
What format does Piano follow?

Question 6: The piano is a crucial instrument in Western classical music, ________, film, television, and most other complex western musical genres.
American popular musicBluesDixielandJazz

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Piano have?
9th At Pine
Popular vote
1994-95 Rugby Football League season
19th century piano sound

Question 8: The word piano is a shortened form of the word pianoforte, which is derived from the original Italian name for the instrument, clavicembalo [or gravicembalo] col piano e forte (literally ________ with soft and loud).
ConcertoBaroque musicVirginalsHarpsichord

Question 9: Digital pianos can be sophisticated, with features including working pedals, weighted keys, multiple voices, and ________ interfaces.
Universal Serial BusEIA-422Bus (computing)Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 10: On the Stuart and Sons piano as well as the largest ________ piano, there is a fourth pedal to the left of the principal three.
FazioliGina Bachauer International Piano CompetitionCompanyMusical instrument

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