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Question 1: Phytoplankton are a key food item in both ________ and mariculture.
Integrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureShrimp farmWild fisheriesAquaculture

Question 2: Phytoplankton is also used to feed many varieties of aquacultured molluscs, including pearl oysters and ________.
AlgaeMolluscaCoralGiant clam

Question 3: These are primarily macronutrients such as ________, phosphate or silicic acid, whose availability is governed by the balance between the so-called biological pump and upwelling of deep, nutrient-rich waters.

Question 4: Of these, the best known are dinoflagellate genera such as Noctiluca and Dinophysis, that obtain organic ________ by ingesting other organisms or detrital material.

Question 5: The name comes from the Greek words φυτον ("phyton"), or "________", and πλαγκτος ("planktos"), meaning "wanderer" or "drifter".
FungusPlantArchaeplastidaRed algae

Question 6: In terms of numbers, the most important groups of phytoplankton include the diatoms, cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates, although many other groups of ________ are represented.
Wild fisheriesPlantAlgaePhotosynthesis

Question 7: As a side note, one of the more remarkable ________ in the ocean – remarkable because of the small number of links – is that of phytoplankton feeding krill (a type of shrimp) feeding baleen whales.
Food chainPredationCarnivoreHerbivore

Question 8: However, unlike terrestrial ________, where most autotrophs are plants, phytoplankton are a diverse group, incorporating protistan eukaryotes and both eubacterial and archaebacterial prokaryotes.
Social networkSociologySocial stratificationCommunity

Question 9: The term phytoplankton encompasses all photoautotrophic microorganisms in aquatic ________.
PredationFood chainHerbivoreCarnivore

Question 10: This has led to some scientists advocating iron fertilization as a means to counteract the accumulation of human-produced carbon dioxide (CO2) in the ________.
Extraterrestrial atmospheresGanymede (moon)AtmosphereNeptune


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