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Question 1: A physicist is a scientist who studies or practices ________.
UniverseQuantum mechanicsParticle physicsPhysics

Question 2: The term "Physicist" was coined by the English philosopher, priest, and historian of science ________ in 1840, to denote a cultivator of physics.
Relationship between religion and scienceImmanuel KantWilliam WhewellAverroes

Question 3: Fields of specialisation include experimental and theoretical ________, atomic physics, molecular physics, biophysics, chemical physics, condensed matter physics, cosmology, geophysics, material science, nuclear physics, optics, particle physics, and plasma physics.
AstronomyAstrophysicsUniverseCelestial mechanics

Question 4: One of the world's best known physicists is ________.
Scientific methodAlbert EinsteinRelationship between religion and scienceIsaac Newton

Question 5: Undergraduate physics students must also take extensive mathematics courses (________, differential equations, advanced calculus), and computer science and programming.
Differential calculusCalculusIntegralDerivative

Question 6: Many positions, especially in research, require a ________.
DoctoratePostgraduate educationAcademic degreeDoctor (title)

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