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Question 1: In the study of ________ the "system" may refer to the macroscopic properties of an object (e.g.
Many-worlds interpretationRelational quantum mechanicsQuantum decoherenceQuantum mechanics

Question 2: Often a system in this sense is chosen to correspond to the more usual meaning of ________, such as a particular machine.
SystemSociologySystems scienceSystems theory

Question 3: The ________ of a physical system is equal to the probability of its being in a particular state vector.
SociologySystems theoryComplex systemComplexity

Question 4: ________ notes that in physics, there are actually four, possibly five, different conceptual developments of closed systems concepts:
German nuclear energy projectEnrico FermiWerner HeisenbergWalther Bothe

Question 5: In ________ the word system has a technical meaning, namely, it is the portion of the physical universe chosen for analysis.
Particle physicsQuantum mechanicsPhysicsTheoretical physics


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