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Physical science: Quiz


Question 1: Major storms: thunderstorms, tornadoes, and ________
RainTropical cyclone basinsTropical cycloneEye (cyclone)

Question 2: Physical Science is an encompassing term for the branches of ________ and science that study non-living systems, in contrast to the biological sciences.
Social sciencesNatural scienceScientific methodPseudoscience

Question 3: The physical laws of matter, energy, and the forces of nature govern the interactions between particles (such as molecules, ________, or subatomic particles).

Question 4: ________, considered to have started in 1828 with the synthesis of urea by Friedrich Woehler
Inorganic chemistryOrganic chemistryPolymer chemistryBiochemistry

Question 5: ________ is the "fundamental science" because the other natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, etc.) deal with systems that obey the laws of physics.
Quantum mechanicsPhysicsUniverseParticle physics

Question 6: ________: MSc Physics/Chemistry, Track: Physical Sciences
University College LondonUniversity of HelsinkiPierre and Marie Curie UniversityUniversity of Amsterdam

Question 7: Heat flow: conduction, ________, and radiation

Question 8: ________ the transfer of energy from one source, to work in another.
Energy developmentPetroleumPeak oil2000s energy crisis

Question 9: Characterization of ________, originally discovered by Henri Becquerel
Radioactive decayNuclear fissionGamma rayNuclear fusion

Question 10: Earth science is the science of the planet ________, the only known life-bearing planet.


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