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Question 1: death by hypothermia or ________ whilst unable to escape
HyperthermiaDecompression sicknessRhabdomyolysisMalignant hyperthermia

Question 2: death due to ________ or vomiting and being unable to clear the airway
AsthmaRespiratory diseaseDrowningChoking

Question 3: Gagging a restrained person is highly risky, as it involves a substantial risk of ________, both from the gag itself, and also from choking or vomiting and being unable to clear the airway.
AsphyxiaDecompression sicknessAltitude sicknessHypoxia (medical)

Question 4: as part of games of ________ and sexual bondage
ProstitutionErotic spankingBDSMHuman sexuality

Question 5: by a kidnapper (stereotypically with rope or ________ and a gag) or other material
United StatesNASADuct tapeAluminium

Question 6: by specially-trained ________ or teaching assistants to restrain children with severe behavioural problems, to prevent hurting others or themselves
TeacherCollegeEducationUnited States

Question 7: Physical restraint refers to the practice of rendering people helpless or keeping them in captivity by means such as ________, fetters, straitjackets, ropes, straps, or other forms of physical restraint.
BDSMUnited KingdomJapanHandcuffs

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