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Physical intimacy: Quiz


Question 1: Patting the ________ or swatting the back or upper arm.
ButtocksHuman legLower limbFoot

Question 2: Whether a person is wearing ________ or is nude also plays a role.
Dress codeSilkClothingWool

Question 3: In the Roman Catholic rite of the Holy Mass, immediately after the ________, the congregation will partake in the Pax or Rite of Peace.
Lord's PrayerChristianityDoxologyPsalms

Question 4: Examples of physical intimacy include being inside someone's personal space, holding hands, hugging, ________, caressing, and sexual activity.

Question 5: For instance, proximity and sustained ________ is a form of physical intimacy.
HumanFacial expressionSocial anxiety disorderEye contact

Question 6: An ________ that does not involve sexual behavior, e.g.
LovePolyamoryFriendshipInterpersonal relationship

Question 7: Caressing (petting): gently stroking body parts or ________ with a hand
BreastAbdominal hairHuman skinHair

Question 8: emotional intimacy: talking about ________, empathy and sympathy between two or more people.
EmotionPositive psychologyEvolutionary psychologyPsychology

Question 9: ________ someone's back, legs or feet or other part.
MassageBarefootSaunaChristian naturism

Question 10: Short movie: Biggest European Hug organised by ________-Utrecht
ParisBerlinAssociation des États Généraux des Étudiants de l'EuropeLondon

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