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  • the enigmatic Ediacaran biota (fossil pictured) have been classified into every major group of lifeforms, including their own kingdom?

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Question 1: At the most basic level, a phylum can be defined in two ways: as a group of organisms with a certain degree of morphological or developmental similarity (the phenetic definition), or a group of organisms with a certain degree of evolutionary relatedness (the ________ definition).
CladeGhost lineagePhylogeneticsComputational phylogenetics

Question 2: In fact, "phylum" may be a ________ indicative of ignorance.
MisnomerEnglandCanadaUnited States

Question 3: [4] For example, though seemingly divergent, spiders and ________ both belong to Arthropoda, whereas earthworms and tapeworms, similar in shape, are from Annelida and Platyhelminthes, respectively.
Sea urchinCrabLobsterCrab fisheries

Question 4: In biology, a phylum (plural: phyla)[note 1] is a ________ below Kingdom and above Class.
SpeciesBiological classificationTaxonomic rankOrder (biology)

Question 5: The relationships among phyla are becoming increasingly well known, and larger ________ can be found to contain many of the phyla.
CladeComputational phylogeneticsPhylogeneticsGhost lineage

Question 6: Many phyla are exclusively marine, and only one phylum, the ________ (velvet worms) is entirely absent from the world's oceans–although ancestral onycophorans were marine.

Question 7: New interpretations of the pre-Cambrian ________ suggest that there could have been an origin for some phyla earlier than the Cambrian.
Geologic time scaleKimberellaCambrian explosionEdiacara biota

Question 8: The origin of phyla has traditionally been interpreted as a sudden and rapid event early in the Cambrian period, known as the ________.
PaleontologyCambrian explosionAnimalHalkieria

Question 9: Although the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature allows the use of the term "phylum" in reference to ________, the term "Division" is almost always used by botanists.
ArchaeplastidaPlantRed algaeFungus

Question 10: This changeability of phyla has led some biologists to call for the concept of a phylum to be abandoned in favour of ________, a method in groups are placed on a "family tree" without any formal ranking of group size.
CladisticsCladeComputational phylogeneticsPhylogenetics


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