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  • mathematician Karen Vogtmann co-authored a paper which produced a method for quantifying the difference and computing the distance between two phylogenetic trees?

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Question 1: Phylogenetic trees among a nontrivial number of input sequences are constructed using ________ methods.
Ghost lineageEvolutionCladeComputational phylogenetics

Question 2: Although phylogenetic trees produced on the basis of sequenced ________ or genomic data in different species can provide evolutionary insight, they have important limitations.

Question 3: In a rooted phylogenetic tree, each node with descendants represents the inferred ________ of the descendants, and the edge lengths in some trees may be interpreted as time estimates.
HeredityGenealogyConsanguinityMost recent common ancestor

Question 4: ________ - An overview of the major time periods of life on earth
Geologic time scaleTimeline of evolutionHistory of the EarthEvolutionary history of life

Question 5: Distance-matrix methods such as neighbor-joining or UPGMA, which calculate genetic distance from ________, are simplest to implement, but do not invoke an evolutionary model.
DNAMultiple sequence alignmentStructural alignmentProtein

Question 6: In some organisms, ________ have an independent genetic history from the host.

Question 7: Phylogenetic networks are used when bifurcating trees are not suitable, due to these complications which suggest a more ________ evolutionary history of the organisms sampled.
Disulfide bondProteinCross-linkProtein–protein interaction

Question 8: More advanced methods use the optimality criterion of ________, often within a Bayesian Framework, and apply an explicit model of evolution to phylogenetic tree estimation.
Normal distributionMaximum spacing estimationMaximum likelihoodGeneralized linear model

Question 9: A cladogram is a tree formed using ________ methods.
CladeComputational phylogeneticsCladisticsPhylogenetics

Question 10: ________ (1859) also produced one of the first illustrations and crucially popularized the notion of an evolutionary "tree" in his seminal book The Origin of Species.
Reaction to Darwin's theoryCharles Darwin's educationCharles DarwinCharles Darwin's religious views


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