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Phyllis Diller: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following was a child of Phyllis Diller?
Jimmy, Gloria, Ruth and Billy
Harriet; Sarah
6 children
Robert E. Barham

Question 2:
What role did Phyllis Diller play in the telemovie Emily of New Moon?
Mrs. Bowles
Great Aunt Nancy Priest
Aunt Elizabeth Murray
Aunt Thom

Question 3:
What role did Phyllis Diller play in the TV series Wait Till Your Father Gets Home ?
Detective Phyllis Dexter
Irma Boyle/Norman's Mother
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
Irma Boyle/Sara Whitaker

Question 4: She posed for ________, but the photos were never run in the magazine.
Reader's DigestMaxim (magazine)People (magazine)Playboy

Question 5:
Who is Phyllis Diller's spouse?
Ward Donovan
Michael Ward
Linda Donovan
Divorced from Judy Ward-Steinman Karst

Question 6:
When is Phyllis Diller's birthday?

Question 7: On July 11, 2007, ________ reported that she fractured her back and had to cancel a Tonight Show appearance, during which she had planned to celebrate her 90th birthday.
USA TodayThe Des Moines RegisterDetroit Free PressGannett Company

Question 8:
What was Phyllis Diller's birth name?
Phyllis Ada Driver
Phyllis Evalina Pratt
Phyllis Constance Haddie Dones
Phyllis Virginia Daniels

Question 9: In the mid 1950s, while residing in the East Bay city of ________, near the Naval Airbase, Diller was employed at KGO-TV in San Francisco as a secretary.
Fremont, CaliforniaAlameda, CaliforniaOakland, CaliforniaHayward, California

Question 10:
Who of the following is a parent of Phyllis Diller?
Frances Ada Romshe
Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Sr.
Kamal Kunwari
Grace Morton

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