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Question 1: These are determined by measurements made in two or more photographic images taken from different positions (see ________).
HolographyStereoscopyAutostereoscopy3D display

Question 2: More sophisticated ________ can exploit other information about the scene that is known a priori, for example symmetries, in some cases allowing reconstructions of 3D coordinates from only one camera position.
Alan TuringAlgorithmAlgorithm characterizationsLogic

Question 3: It is the intersection of these rays (________) that determines the three-dimensional location of the point.
TriangulationThalesAbu Rayhan BiruniGeometry

Question 4: ________
Google EarthLeica Photogrammetry SuiteMicrosoft MapPoint3D data acquisition and object reconstruction

Question 5:
Photogrammetry, Geographic coordinate system and Map projection are all:
Computer vision Photogrammetry Cartography Measurement

Question 6: It is also used to combine live action with ________ in movie post-production; Fight Club is a good example of the use of photogrammetry in film (details are given in the DVD extras).
Computer animationSpecial effectComputer-generated imagery3D computer graphics

Question 7:
Photogrammetry, Confidence interval and Accuracy and precision are all:
Cartography Measurement Photogrammetry Computer vision

Question 8:
Photogrammetry, Global Positioning System and Elevation are all:
Cartography Surveying Measurement Computer vision

Question 9: Photogrammetry uses methods from many disciplines including ________ and projective geometry.
Transparency and translucencyOpticsOptical fiberAnti-reflective coating

Question 10:
Photogrammetry, Photogram and Projective geometry are all:
Cartography Measurement Computer vision Photogrammetry


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