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Photoengraving: Quiz


Question 1: Photoengraving is used to make ________, printing plates, foil-stamping dies and embossing dies.
Schematic captureSurface-mount technologyGerber FilePrinted circuit board

Question 2: ________ (January 5, 1838—April 8, 1892) invented the first practicable photo-engraving process in 1863.
DaguerreotypeHalftoneJohn C. MossNicéphore Niépce

Question 3: The engraving is usually made in copper or ________.

Question 4: The most common type of photoengraving involves using a material that is photosensitive and resistant to ________ or other etching compounds.
Acid–base reactionOxygenAcid dissociation constantAcid

Question 5: A similar process called photolithography is used to make ________.
Central processing unitIntegrated circuitElectrical engineeringMOSFET

Question 6: Decorative engraving is often filled by ________ then sanding to remove the paint from the raised parts of the engraving.
Aerosol paintSpray paintingJean-Michel BasquiatGraffiti

Question 7: It is also the same method used for printed ________.
Schematic captureGerber FileSurface-mount technologyPrinted circuit board

Question 8: The photoresist is then developed by washing in a ________ that removes the unhardened parts.

Question 9: It is then exposed to light (usually strong ________) through a photographic negative causing it to harden where the negative allows light to pass.
Visible spectrumElectromagnetic spectrumX-rayUltraviolet

Question 10: Photoengraving also known as photo-chemical milling is a process of ________ using photographic processing techniques.


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