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Photoelectric effect: Quiz


Question 1: The transition rules for atoms translate via the ________ onto the crystal.
Nearly free electron modelElectronic band structureTight bindingMuffin-tin approximation

Question 2: The photoelectric effect helped propel the then-emerging concept of the dualistic nature of ________, that light simultaneously possesses the characteristics of both waves and particles, each being manifested according to the circumstances.

Question 3: The effect was impossible to understand in terms of the classical ________ description of light,[17][18][19] as the energy of the emitted electrons did not depend on the intensity of the incident radiation.

Question 4: Gold-leaf electroscopes are designed to detect ________.
Electric chargeElectrostaticsStatic electricityOzone

Question 5: Here Z is ________ and n is a number which varies between 4 and 5.
Atomic numberHafniumPeriodic tableChemical element

Question 6: In molecular solids ________ are excited in this step and may be visible as lines in the final electron energy.

Question 7: The ________ of a light beam have a characteristic energy determined by the frequency of the light.
PhotonStandard ModelElectronAtom

Question 8: The idea of light quanta began with ________'s published law of black-body radiation ("On the Law of Distribution of Energy in the Normal Spectrum".
Max PlanckNiels BohrAlbert EinsteinWilhelm Wien

Question 9: The light source can be a laser, a discharge tube, or a ________ source.
Electromagnetic radiationSynchrotron radiationPulsarCrab Nebula

Question 10: In 1887, ________ observed the photoelectric effect and the production and reception of electromagnetic waves.
Isaac NewtonNikola TeslaHenri BecquerelHeinrich Hertz

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