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Question 1: Some types of phospholipid can be split to produce products that function as second messengers in ________.
Lipid signalingMembrane receptorReceptor (biochemistry)Signal transduction

Question 2: Phospholipids can also act as an ________, enabling oils to dissolve in water.
Cream (pharmaceutical)EmulsionColloidDosage form

Question 3: Phospholipids are a class of lipids and are a major component of all ________ as they can form lipid bilayers.
Cell membraneCell (biology)Cell nucleusVesicle (biology)

Question 4: The hydrophobic tail usually consists of long ________ hydrocarbon chains.
LipidFatty acidButyric acidLinoleic acid

Question 5: In biological systems, the phospholipids often occur with other molecules (e.g., proteins, glycolipids, cholesterol) in a bilayer such as a ________.
Cell membraneCell nucleusCell (biology)Vesicle (biology)

Question 6: Phospholipids called lecithin are extracted out of ________ and then used as food additives in many things such as bread and can also be purchased separately in a health food store.
Cooking oilMargarineOlive oilSoybean

Question 7: ________ - Phospholipids - Proteolipids - Sphingolipids - Sterols
Lipid bilayerLipid bilayer fusionCell membraneMetabolism

Question 8: The 'head' of a phospholipid is hydrophilic (attracted to water), while the ________ 'tails' repel water.
HydrophileHydrophobeSuperhydrophobeChemical polarity

Question 9: These specific properties allow phospholipids to play an important role in the ________.
Cell membraneMetabolismLipid bilayer fusionLipid bilayer

Question 10: Most phospholipids contain a diglyceride, a phosphate group, and a simple organic molecule such as ________; one exception to this rule is sphingomyelin, which is derived from sphingosine instead of glycerol.


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