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Question 1: Phorusrhacids ("Rag-Bearers"), or terror birds, were a family of large carnivorous flightless birds that were the dominant predators in ________ during the Cenozoic, 62–2 million years (Ma) ago.
North AmericaAmericasLatin AmericaSouth America

Question 2: Titanis walleri, one of the larger species, is known from Texas and ________ in North America.
North CarolinaMassachusettsNew JerseyFlorida

Question 3: Genus Kelenken (Middle Miocene of Río Negro province, ________ (largest known phorusrhacid))
ChileBrazilBuenos AiresArgentina

Question 4: This makes the phorusrhacids the only known example of large South American predators migrating north during the ________ (which occurred after the volcanic Isthmus of Panama land bridge rose ca.
CarnivoraJaguarGreat American InterchangeCougar

Question 5:

Question 6:
  • Genus ________ (Deseado Middle Oligocene - Arroyo Chasicó Late Miocene of S and E Argentina)

Question 7: Following the revision by Alvarenga and Höfling (2003), there are now 5 subfamilies, containing 14 genera and 18 ________:[8]
SpeciesLifeBiological classificationEvolution

Question 8: Alvarenga and Höfling did not include the Sophiornithidae from Europe in the phorusrhacoids; these have meanwhile turned out to be primitive relatives of ________.

Question 9: A recently discovered species, Kelenken guillermoi from Middle ________ some 15 million years ago, discovered in Patagonia in 2006, represents the largest bird skull yet found.
MiocenePlioceneGeologic time scaleLanghian


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