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Phonotactics: Quiz


Question 1: Phonotactics defines permissible ________ structure, consonant clusters, and vowel sequences by means of phonotactical constraints.
Vowel lengthSyllableGeminationMora (linguistics)

Question 2: Therefore, the pronunciation has been reduced to [bluː] by ________ of the [j].
EpenthesisConsonant mutationSound changeElision

Question 3: Phonotactics (in Greek phone = voice and taktikos = something which may be arranged or ordered) is a branch of phonology that deals with restrictions in a ________ on the permissible combinations of phonemes.

Question 4: The voiceless alveolar fricative [s] is lower on the sonority hierarchy than the ________ [l], so the combination /sl/ is permitted in onsets and /ls/ is permitted in codas, but /ls/ is not allowed in onsets and /sl/ is not allowed in codas.
Bilabial nasalAlveolar lateral approximantVoiceless velar plosiveVoiceless labiodental fricative

Question 5: Similarly, the sounds /kn/ and /ɡn/ are not permitted at the beginning of a word in Modern English but are in German and Dutch, and were permitted in Old and ________.
Middle EnglishOld NorseGothic languageGreat Vowel Shift

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