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Phonology: Quiz


Question 1: A ________ is a pair of words from the same language, that differ by only a single categorical sound, and that are recognized by speakers as being two different words.
Minimal pairGerman languageEnglish languageSpanish language

Question 2: Another on-line phonology course dealing with English using large amounts of ________ interaction.
Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe After EffectsAdobe DreamweaverAdobe Flash

Question 3: In 1968 ________ and Morris Halle published The Sound Pattern of English (SPE), the basis for Generative Phonology.
Henry David ThoreauNoam ChomskyNoam Chomsky's political viewsAnarchism

Question 4: His influence on ________ was also significant.
Ferdinand de SaussureGottfried LeibnizStructuralismLinguistics

Question 5: Just as a language has ________ and vocabulary, it also has a phonology in the sense of a sound system.
Morphology (linguistics)Generative grammarSyntaxGrammar

Question 6: Panini's grammar of Sanskrit had a significant influence on ________, the father of modern structuralism, who was a professor of Sanskrit.
LinguisticsGottfried LeibnizHenri BergsonFerdinand de Saussure

Question 7: Another important figure in the Prague School was ________, who was one of the most prominent linguists of the twentieth century.
Ferdinand de SaussureParadigmatic analysisRoman JakobsonLouis Hjelmslev

Question 8: In ancient India, the ________ grammarian Pāṇini (c.

Question 9: Trubetzkoy split phonology into phonemics and ________; the former has had more influence than the latter.
International Phonetic AlphabetPhonemeEnglish orthographyEnglish language

Question 10: Part of the phonological study of a language involves looking at data (phonetic transcriptions of the speech of ________) and trying to deduce what the underlying phonemes are and what the sound inventory of the language is.
English languageMultilingualismFrench languageFirst language


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