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Question 1: The spindle bearing usually consisted of a ________ bushing.

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Phonograph have?
I am the Edison Phonograph
Anchor / Sugar In Your Gas Tank
English National Rugby Union Captain

Question 3: An alternative approach is to take a high-resolution photograph or scan of each side of the record and interpret the image of the grooves using ________.
LinuxASP.NETJava (programming language)Computer software

Question 4: Both operate on the same ________ principle of electromagnetic induction.
UniverseQuantum mechanicsParticle physicsPhysics

Question 5: There are two common designs for magnetic cartridges, moving ________ (MM) and moving coil (MC) (originally called dynamic).
Magnetic fieldMagnetMagnetismMagnetic moment

Question 6: ________ grade turntables start at a few hundred dollars and range upwards of $100,000, depending on the complexity and quality of design and manufacture.
Sound recording and reproductionHigh fidelityAudio system measurementsAudiophile

Question 7: Several technologies were used to record the sounds, beginning with wax cylinders.Thomas Edison introduced the use of sapphire in 1892 and the use of ________ in 1910 for the cylinder phonograph.

Question 8: Since the late 1950s, almost all phono input stages have used the ________ standard.
Decca RecordsPhonographRIAA equalizationGramophone record

Question 9: In combination with a steel to nylon turntable bearing (with ________ inside for lifelong lubrication) very low wow, flutter and rumble figures were achieved.
Molybdenum disulfideBoron nitrideMolybdenum(IV) oxideMolybdenum hexacarbonyl

Question 10: On the other hand a very cheap arm was made by the now defunct Dutch Jobo/________ firm.
OpticsAcousticsPhysicsClassical mechanics

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