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Phonics: Quiz


Question 1: The term "short vowel" does not really mean that these vowels are pronounced for a particularly short period of time, but they are not ________ like the long vowels.
Portuguese phonologyDiphthongRomanian phonologyInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 2: Despite the work of 19th century proponents such as Rebecca Smith Pollard, some American educators, prominently ________, argued that phonics should not be taught at all.
Samuel DexterFisher AmesHorace MannDedham, Massachusetts

Question 3: ________ is the third sound that most of the single vowel spellings can produce.
SchwaInternational Phonetic AlphabetVowel lengthPortuguese language

Question 4: ________ are linguistic elements that fuse two adjacent vowel sounds.
Romanian phonologyInternational Phonetic AlphabetDiphthongPortuguese phonology

Question 5: Close readingProofreading
Slow reading________
Speed readingReading (process)Functional illiteracyPhonics

Question 6: This combined approach is sometimes called balanced ________, although some researchers assert that balanced literacy is merely whole language called by another name.
Multimedia literacyLiteracyInternational Reading AssociationAdolescent literacy

Question 7: LiteracyFunctional illiteracy
________Family literacy
BrailleDiacriticASCIILatin alphabet

Question 8: PhonicsAlphabetic principle
Constructivism (learning theory)Grade (education)Whole languageActive learning

Question 9: Comprehension
Reading disability________
English orthography
DyslexiaDysgraphiaExpressive aphasiaPsychiatry

Question 10: Sight words and high frequency words are associated with the ________ approach which usually uses embedded phonics.
Constructivism (learning theory)Grade (education)Active learningWhole language


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