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Phonetics: Quiz


Question 1: ________: the analysis and transcription of recorded speech by a computer system.
Software engineeringElectrical engineeringSpeech recognitionArtificial intelligence

Question 2: Phonetics was studied as early as 2500 years ago in ancient India, with Pāṇini's account of the place and manner of articulation of consonants in his ________ treatise on Sanskrit.
7th century BC6th century BC4th century BC5th century BC

Question 3: [2][4][5] The IPA is a useful tool not only for the study of phonetics, but also for language teaching, professional acting, and ________.
Speech and language pathologyPhysical therapyPsychologyDietitian

Question 4: acoustic phonetics is concerned with ________ of speech: The properties of the sound waves, such as their frequency and harmonics.
Classical mechanicsAcousticsOpticsPhysics

Question 5: [2][3] The standardized nature of the IPA enables its users to transcribe accurately and consistently the phones of different languages, ________, and idiolects.
Dialect continuumDialectGerman languageEnglish language

Question 6: ________, features, mora, etc.) and accounting for conditioned variation in the form of grammatical rules (e.g., allophonic rules, constraints, derivational rules).
PhonemeInternational Phonetic AlphabetEnglish orthographyPhonology

Question 7: auditory phonetics is concerned with ________: How speech sounds are categorized, recognized, and interpreted by the auditory apparatus and the brain.
LinguisticsHaskins LaboratoriesSpeech perceptionPhonology

Question 8: ________ is concerned with the articulation of speech: The position, shape, and movement of articulators or speech organs, such as the lips, tongue, and vocal folds.
Alveolo-palatal consonantLabiodental consonantConsonantArticulatory phonetics

Question 9: ________ is a universal system for transcribing sounds that occur in spoken language.
International Phonetic AlphabetAlveolar nasalPhonemePhonetic transcription

Question 10: The most widely known system of phonetic transcription, the ________ (IPA), uses a one-to-one mapping between phones and written symbols.
X-SAMPAVelar nasalVoiceless alveolar fricativeInternational Phonetic Alphabet

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