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Phon: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ are a way of mapping the dBSPL of a pure tone to the perceived loudness level in phons.
Equal-loudness contourISO/IEC 18000ISO/IEC 15693ISO 31-7

Question 2: The phon unit is not generally accepted according to the stringent criteria of ________.

Question 3: It has not been accepted as a standard unit by the United States ________.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationBureau of Industry and SecurityNational Technical Information ServiceNational Institute of Standards and Technology

Question 4: [2] By definition, 1 phon is equal to 1 dBSPL at a frequency of 1 ________.
VoltHertzPascal (unit)Joule

Question 5: This time-varying behavior is the result of ________ and physiological audio processing.
PsychologyNeuropsychologySigmund FreudCognitive neuroscience


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