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Phocion: Quiz


Question 1: Between 351–349 BC, Phocion helped the Persian Emperor ________ to subdue the Cypriot rebellion.
IranAlexander the GreatCyrus the GreatArtaxerxes III

Question 2: In the late 320s BC, when Macedon gained complete control of Athens (under ________), though somewhat compromised Phocion defended both the urban center and its citizens.

Question 3: With his armies, Philip II reached the Dardanelles, expecting successively to seize Chersonesus, Perinthus, and ________.
IstanbulByzantiumGreeksRoman Empire

Question 4: Phocion refused, but did request the release of some men enslaved at ________, who were promptly liberated.

Question 5: Phocion commented: "If I had been listened to before, the Athenians wouldn't need to be discussing such things." At Thebes, both met Antipater, whose invasion of ________ was expected imminently.
AthensCorinthAtticaAegean Sea

Question 6: Nonetheless, by both his individual prestige and his military expertise, which was acquired by the side of Chabrias, Phocion was elected ________ numerous times, with a record 45 terms in office.

Question 7: We must be cautious before celebrating." The Macedonian leaders began fighting for the crown; ________ was the candidate with the best prospects.

Question 8: During his youth, Phocion sought to study ________ notions.
LiberalismClassical liberalismIsaiah BerlinDemocracy

Question 9: He was both ________'s pupil and Xenocrates' friend.
AristotleImmanuel KantBertrand RussellPlato

Question 10: Phocion was sent to the ________ by Chabrias, to collect the regional tributes for the Athenian Empire.
Aegean SeaAegean civilizationsGreeceSamos Island


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