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Question 1: During the plant's growth period, usually during the spring, storage organs such as the ________ are sugar sources, and the plant's many growing areas are sugar sinks.
Flowering plantRootPlant stemFruit

Question 2: All of the cellular functions of a sieve-tube element are carried out by the (much smaller) companion cell, a typical plant cell, except the companion cell usually has a larger number of ribosomes and ________.
Succinate dehydrogenasePyruvate dehydrogenase complexMitochondrial DNAMitochondrion

Question 3: The sieve-tube cells lack a nucleus, have very few vacuoles, but contain other organelles such as ________.
Cell (biology)RibosomeEndoplasmic reticulumMitochondrion

Question 4: Developing seed-bearing organs (such as ________) are always sinks.
Flowering plantVegetableMedieval cuisineFruit

Question 5: The ________ is concentrated at the lateral walls.
Cell (biology)Endoplasmic reticulumGolgi apparatusEndomembrane system

Question 6: In vascular plants, phloem is the living tissue that carries organic ________ (known as photosynthate), particularly sucrose, a sugar, to all parts of the plant where needed.
Dietary mineralNutrientNutritionOxygen

Question 7: Because phloem tubes sit on the outside of the ________ in most plants, a tree or other plant can be effectively killed by stripping away the bark in a ring on the trunk or stem.
Vascular plantFlowering plantWoodXylem

Question 8: This causes water to move into the sieve-tube element by ________, creating pressure that pushes the sap down the tube.
TonicityOsmotic pressureOsmosisOsmoregulation

Question 9: Primary phloem is laid down by the ________.
MeristemPlant evolutionary developmental biologyPlant stemPlant

Question 10: After the growth period, when the ________ are dormant, the leaves are sources, and storage organs are sinks.
Plant evolutionary developmental biologyPlant stemPlantMeristem


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