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Philosophy of perception: Quiz


Question 1: Internal perception (________) tells us what's going on in our bodies.
PainNervous systemProprioceptionNociceptor

Question 2: This idea is called ________ and has become popular in recent years with the rise of postmodernism.
PerceptionNaïve realismDirect realismConsciousness

Question 3: It seems that imagery that originates from the senses and internally generated imagery may have a shared ________ at higher levels of cortical processing.

Question 4: External or Sensory perception (________), tells us about the world outside our bodies.
SenseSensory systemChemosensorOlfaction

Question 5: Our perception of the external world begins with the senses, which lead us to generate empirical ________ representing the world around us, within a mental framework relating new concepts to preexisting ones.
ConceptHenri BergsonGottfried LeibnizGilbert Ryle

Question 6: There are two varieties of anti-realism: ________ and Skepticism.

Question 7: Braithwaite • René Descartes • Robert Kilwardby • ________ • Rudolf Carnap • Stephen Toulmin • Stoics • Thomas Hobbes • Thomas Samuel Kuhn • Vienna Circle • W.V.O.

Question 8: The common argument against indirect realism is that it implies a ________ with an infinite regress (a perceiver within a perceiver within a perceiver...).
Aleister CrowleyAlchemyRosicrucianismHomunculus

Question 9: Recent ________ studies show that dreams, imaginings and perceptions of similar things such as faces are accompanied by activity in many of the same areas of brain.
Medical imagingPositron emission tomographyMagnetic resonance imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imaging

Question 10: There is a growing body of knowledge of the mechanics of sensory processes in ________.
NeuropsychologyCognitive psychologyCognitive neuropsychologyMemory


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