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Philosophy of language: Quiz


Question 1: Philosopher ________ is also a proponent of the "language-first" viewpoint.
Ludwig WittgensteinMichael DummettWillard Van Orman QuineSaul Kripke

Question 2: Some of the major issues at the intersection of philosophy of language and philosophy of mind are also dealt with in modern ________.
Cognitive psychologyPsychologyCognitive neurosciencePsycholinguistics

Question 3: In continental philosophy, language is not studied as a separate discipline, as it is in ________.
AristotleAnalytic philosophyStoicismLogical positivism

Question 4: [5] Also, ________'s Summa Logicae brought forward one of the first serious proposals for codifying a mental language.
Thomas AquinasDuns ScotusWilliam of OckhamAnselm of Canterbury

Question 5: To do this, he pointed out that ________ and phrases have a range of correctness.
Preposition and postpositionInflectionCompound verbCompound (linguistics)

Question 6: Many aspects of the problem of the composition of sentences are addressed in the field of linguistics of ________.
Generative grammarSyntaxMorphology (linguistics)Grammar

Question 7: The conceptual meaning of an expression inevitably involves both ________ (also called "connotation" and "intension" in the literature) and extension (also called "denotation").
Bertrand RussellDefinitionAristotleLudwig Wittgenstein

Question 8: [17] It is also associated with P.F. Strawson, ________, Robert Brandom, and others.
Ludwig WittgensteinGottfried LeibnizDonald Davidson (philosopher)John Searle

Question 9: Rather, it is an inextricable part of many other areas of thought, such as phenomenology, semiotics, hermeneutics, Heideggerean ontology, existentialism, structuralism, deconstruction and ________.
PositivismJürgen HabermasCritical theoryTheodor W. Adorno

Question 10: Thus, he invented new vocabulary and linguistic styles, based on ________ and Germanic etymological word relations, to disambiguate commonly used words.
Attic GreekAeolic GreekAncient GreekDoric Greek


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