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Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard: Quiz


Question 1: Since the concepts of good and evil did not come into existence before Adam ate the fruit, which is now dubbed ________, Adam had no concept of good and evil, and did not know that eating from the tree was evil.
Total depravityThomas AquinasCatholic ChurchOriginal sin

Question 2: In 1841–1842, Kierkegaard attended the ________ lectures of Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling.

Question 3: The work ________ is a response to this aspect of Hegel's philosophy.
The Sickness Unto DeathRegine OlsenEither/OrSøren Kierkegaard

Question 4: In time, through revelation and in direct relationship with the paradox that is ________, the individual begins to see that his or her eternal salvation rests on a paradox—God, the transcendent, coming into time in human form to redeem human beings.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifeJesusGospelNew Testament

Question 5: Schelling was a critic of ________ and a professor at the University of Berlin.
Friedrich NietzscheThomas AquinasGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel Kant

Question 6: (________ calls these terms pre-reflexive consciousness and reflexive consciousness.) An individual becomes truly aware of their potential through the experience of dread.
Henri BergsonExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelJean-Paul Sartre

Question 7: In Works of Love and Purity of Heart, Kierkegaard skillfully examines ________ and the maxim, Love Thy Neighbour.
Anti-JudaismBiblical canonChristian ethicsChristian apologetics

Question 8: In most respects, Climacus did not have problems with ________ or the scientific endeavor.
PseudoscienceScienceScientific methodSocial sciences

Question 9: This is extremely suspicious, and may even conceal the most terrible and corrupting voluptuous ________: a profound misanthropy.
Depression (mood)LoveAngerMelancholia

Question 10: It cannot be understood in the same way as having a ________ or a bank account.
Vacuum servoDisc brakeAutomobileThrottle


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