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Question 1: If his ideal ________ is to ever come into being, "philosophers [must] become kings…or those now called kings [must]…genuinely and adequately philosophize" (The Republic, 5.473d).
ItalyCity-stateVatican CityMalaysia

Question 2: [1] In addition, ________ is said to have been inspired by the Platonic vision of the philosopher king while in Qum in the 1920s when he became interested in Islamic mysticism and Plato's Republic.
Iranian RevolutionRonald ReaganRuhollah KhomeiniAnwar El Sadat

Question 3: Philosopher kings are the hypothetical rulers, or Guardians, of ________'s Utopian Kallipolis.
AristotleImmanuel KantBertrand RussellPlato

Question 4: Karl Popper blamed Plato for the rise of totalitarianism in the Twentieth Century, seeing Plato's Philosopher-kings, with their dreams of 'social engineering' and 'idealism', as leading directly to Stalin and ________.
Adolf HitlerSchutzstaffelNazi PartyNazi Germany

Question 5: It is next and in support of the idea that philosophers are the best rulers that Plato fashions the ship of state metaphor, one of his most often cited ideas (along with his ________).
Gorgias (dialogue)The Republic (Plato)Allegory of the CaveSocrates


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