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Question 1: ________ involves the philology of all Indo-European languages as comparative studies.
Indo-European studiesCeltsProto-Indo-European languageGermanic peoples

Question 2: [9] These philological issues are often inseparable from issues of interpretation, and thus there is no clear-cut boundary between philology and ________.
Phenomenology (philosophy)HermeneuticsArthur SchopenhauerExistentialism

Question 3: [9] Scholars have tried to reconstruct the original readings of the ________ from the manuscript variants.
Christianity and JudaismBibleBiblical canonNevi'im

Question 4: Work still continues on scripts such as ________, with great progress made since the 1950s initial breakthroughs of the phonetic approach, championed by Yuri Knorozov and others.
Maya societyMaya scriptMayan languagesMaya civilization

Question 5: This has notably been the case with the Egyptian, Sumerian and Assyrian, Hittite, ________ and Luwian languages.
Ugaritic languageUgaritic grammarProto-Semitic languageArabic language

Question 6: One branch of philology is ________, which studies the relationship between languages.
Comparative linguisticsHistorical linguisticsInternal reconstructionEtymology

Question 7: A related study method known as ________ studies the authorship, date, and provenance of text to place such text in historical context.
New TestamentBiblical canonBibleHigher criticism

Question 8: ________, the writing system which records the still unknown language of the Minoans, resists deciphering, despite many attempts.
Cretan hieroglyphsLinear ALinear BMycenaean Greece

Question 9: Classical philology is the philology of the Greek, ________ and Sanskrit languages[3].
Old LatinVulgar LatinLatinRoman Empire

Question 10: In the case of ________, philology includes the prior decipherment of the language in question.
Latin literatureAncient Greek literatureAncient literatureAncient Egyptian literature

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