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Philoctetes: Quiz


Question 1: Upon hearing this, Odysseus and a group of men (usually including ________) rushed back to Lemnos to recover Heracles' weapons.

Question 2: The East German postmodern dramatist Heiner Müller produced a successful adaptation of Sophocles' play in 1968 in ________.

Question 3: "Philoctetes on the Island of Lemnos" by James Barry, 1770, now in the Pinacoteca Nazionale in ________ (Image).

Question 4: "Wounded Philoctetes" by Herman Wilhelm Bissen, now in the ________ in Copenhagen (Image).
Carlsberg (district)Edgar DegasNy Carlsberg GlyptotekClaude Monet

Question 5: Regardless of the cause of the wound, Philoctetes was exiled by the Greeks and was angry at the treatment he received from Odysseus, King of Ithaca, who had advised the ________ to strand him.
PelopsAtreusGreek mythologyAgamemnon

Question 6: From there he went to Italy where he founded the towns of Petilia and Crimissa in Calabria and established the ________.
LucaniaThuriiBruttiiPandosia (Bruttium)

Question 7: He was a Greek hero, famed as an archer, and was a participant in the ________.
Returns from TroyOdysseusTrojan WarGreek mythology

Question 8: "Philoctetes on Lemnos" by Jean Germain Drouais, 1788, now in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in ________ (Image).

Question 9: He was the subject of at least two plays by Sophocles, one of which is named after him, and one each by both ________ and Euripides.
AeschylusHomerAncient GreeceAlcibiades

Question 10: Philoctetes was one of the many eligible Greeks who competed for the hand of ________, the Trojan princess and, according to legend, the most beautiful woman in the world.


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