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Philippikos Bardanes: Quiz


Question 1: Meanwhile ________ plundered up to the walls of Constantinople in 712.
Samuel of BulgariaAsparukh of BulgariaTervel of BulgariaOmurtag of Bulgaria

Question 2: In late May 713 the Opsikian troops rebelled in ________.
ThraceGreeceRoman EmpireThracians

Question 3: Philippicus was originally named Bardanes (Greek: Βαρδάνης, Vardanis; Armenian: Վրթանես, Vrtanes), and was the son of the patrician Nikephorus, who was of Armenian extraction from an Armenian colony in ________.
MiletusPergamonAlexander the GreatTroy

Question 4: The successful rebels seized ________ and Justinian fled (to be assassinated soon afterward, unable to rally substantial support in the provinces); Philippikos took the throne.
Byzantine navyByzantine EmpireHagia SophiaConstantinople

Question 5: Philippikos or Philippicus (Greek: Φιλιππικός), was Byzantine emperor of ________ origin from 711 to 713.
Armenian languageArmeniansArmenian Apostolic ChurchArmenian diaspora

Question 6: Here Bardanes, taking the name of Philippicus, successfully incited the inhabitants to revolt with the help of the ________.
Ashkenazi JewsKhazarsAntisemitismJews


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