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Philip Neri: Quiz


Question 1: St Philip Neri was beatified by Paul V in 1615, and ________ by Gregory XV in 1622.
CanonizationCatholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVI

Question 2: Their churches are non-parochial, and they can perform such rites as ________, marriages, etc., only by permission of the parish priest, who is entitled to receive all fees due in respect of these ministrations.
Infant baptismBaptismProtestant ReformationLutheranism

Question 3: This phenomenon is in the same category as the stigmata of ________.
Saint DominicPope John Paul IIFrancis de SalesFrancis of Assisi

Question 4: He no longer cared for things of the world, and chose to relocate to ________ in 1523.

Question 5: It fell in the crash of the Revolution, but was revived by Père Pététot, curé of St Roch, in 1852, as the "Oratory of Jesus and the Immaculate Mary"; the Church of the Oratory near the ________ belongs to the Reformed Church.
Pavillon de FloreLouvreLouvre PalaceTuileries Palace

Question 6: He thought of going to ________ as a missionary, but was dissuaded by his friends who saw that there was abundant work to be done in Rome.
IndiaLok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 7: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyCopyrightCopyright infringementPublic domain

Question 8: An English house, founded in 1847 at ________, is celebrated as the place at which Cardinal Newman fixed his abode after his submission to the Roman Catholic Church.

Question 9: Its church, the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, was consecrated April 16, 1884 and is the second largest ________ church in London.
PopePope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 10: The musical selections (settings of scenes from sacred history) were called ________.
Messiah (Handel)OratorioChoirOpera


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