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Question 1: I attribute much of the success and happiness in my life to Scientology."[7] Marie has attained the highest level of OT VIII in Scientology's ________ classifications[7].
Supernatural abilities in Scientology doctrineXenuMEST (Scientology)Operating Thetan

Question 2: Philip Chandler Gale (1978, Los Angeles, California – March 13, 1998, ________) was a pioneering internet software developer and computer prodigy, and avid musician.
Woburn, MassachusettsBostonLowell, MassachusettsCambridge, Massachusetts

Question 3: In 1986, his family moved to the church's international spiritual headquarters in ________, but around the same time he was sent to attend a Scientology school in Oregon.
Largo, FloridaClearwater, FloridaSt. Petersburg, FloridaTampa, Florida

Question 4: Gale earned roughly a million dollars worth of stock options for his innovative internet service provider (ISP) programs at EarthLink, a firm co-founded by a minister for the ________.
L. Ron HubbardScientology controversiesChurch of ScientologyScientology and the legal system

Question 5: He was raised from birth as a ________ but later rejected that upbringing.
Scientology controversiesJason BegheList of ScientologistsScientology

Question 6: Gale was educated at the private The Delphian School in ________, which was founded by L.
Willamina, OregonSheridan, OregonMcMinnville, OregonNewberg, Oregon

Question 7: Marie Gale brought her children into the public light in 1991, when a series of critical articles were published in the ________ which stated that Scientology children are "emotionally and physically neglected"[7].
Pulitzer PrizeSt. Petersburg Times1980 Pulitzer Prize1995 Pulitzer Prize

Question 8: [3] Several years earlier, he had left Scientology after deciding it was not for him, becoming enamored of the postmodern parody religion ________.
Church of the SubGeniusNew AgeIvan StangJ. R. "Bob" Dobbs

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