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Question 1: It also has usefulness in the treatment of cocaine induced hypertension, where one would generally avoid ________ and where calcium channel blockers are not effective.
ClonidineBeta blockerGuanethidineAntianginal

Question 2: It may be stored in crash carts to counteract severe peripheral vasoconstriction secondary to extravasation of peripherally placed vasopressor infusions, typically of ________.

Question 3: Its primary action is ________ due to α1 blockade.
VasodilationBeta blockerCalcium channel blockerAntianginal

Question 4: Phentolamine also has diagnostic and therapeutic roles in ________ (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).
Hereditary spastic paraplegiaComplex regional pain syndromePeripheral neuropathyTrigeminal neuralgia

Question 5: The primary application for phentolamine is for the control of hypertensive emergencies, most notably due to phaeochromocytoma (________).
PheochromocytomaParagangliomaNeuroblastomaICD-10 Chapter II: Neoplasms

Question 6: ________ infusions are less vasoconstrictive than norepinephrine as they primarily stimulate beta receptor more than alpha receptors, but the effect remains dose dependent.

Question 7: It also can lead to reflex ________ because of hypotension and α2 inhibition, which increases sympathetic tone.
Atrial fibrillationMyocardial infarctionBradycardiaTachycardia

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