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Question 1: One common application of this is with a standard multiband ________, which has multiple elements coupled together.
Television antennaPhased arrayDipole antennaAntenna (radio)

Question 2: It may also be viewed as the coherent addition of N ________.
Air pollutionRoadway air dispersion modelingLine sourceRoadway noise

Question 3: Phased array radars allow a warship to use one ________ system for surface detection and tracking (finding ships), air detection and tracking (finding aircraft and missiles) and missile uplink capabilities.
RadarX bandWeather radarUltra high frequency

Question 4: In broadcast engineering, phased arrays are required to be used by many ________ radio stations to enhance signal strength and therefore coverage in the city of license, while minimizing interference to other areas.
Medium waveShortwaveAM stereoAM broadcasting

Question 5: The first type separates the different frequency components that are present in the received signal into different frequency bins (using either an ________ or a filterbank).
Cooley–Tukey FFT algorithmDiscrete Fourier transformFast Fourier transformRader's FFT algorithm

Question 6: [1] Phased array transmission was originally developed in 1905 by Nobel Laureate Karl Ferdinand Braun who demonstrated enhanced transmission of ________ waves in one direction.
RadioAmateur radioMicrowaveRadio broadcasting

Question 7: A phased array is an example of N-slit ________.

Question 8: ________ researchers recently announced a 16 element phased array integrated with all necessary circuits to send at 30–50 GHz on a single silicon chip for military purposes.
Defense Contract Audit AgencyDefense Human Resources ActivityDARPANational Security Agency

Question 9: ________ is an efficient method for multiplexing an entire phased array onto a single element photodetector.
Coherence (physics)InterferometryLIDAROptical heterodyne detection

Question 10: For information about active as well as passive phased array radars, see also ________.
F-22 RaptorActive Electronically Scanned ArrayF-15E Strike EagleF-16 Fighting Falcon


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