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Question 1: The amount by which such oscillators are out of step with each other can be expressed in degrees from 0° to 360°, or in ________ from 0 to 2π.

Question 2: The ________ is complex and since its square modulus is associated with the probability of observing the object, the complex character of the wave function is associated to the phase.
Quantum mechanicsWave functionQuantum stateBra-ket notation

Question 3: Phase is a frequency domain or ________ domain concept, and as such, can be readily understood in terms of simple harmonic motion.
ConvolutionFourier transformHilbert spaceFourier analysis

Question 4: where A is the ________ of oscillation, f is the frequency, t is the elapsed time, and θ is the phase of the oscillation.
AmplitudeCrest factorWaveMeasuring instrument

Question 5: If two interacting ________ meet at a point where they are in antiphase, then destructive interference will occur.

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