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Question 1: For example, water ________ is ordinarily found in the hexagonal form Ice Ih, but can also exist as the cubic ice Ic, the rhombohedral ice II, and many other forms.
IcePrecipitation (meteorology)HailSnow

Question 2: Water has a very low ________ (is insoluble) in oil, and oil has a low solubility in water.
SolventSolubilitySolubility equilibriumPartition coefficient

Question 3: French physicists find a solution that reversibly solidifies with a rise in temperature - α-________, water, and 4-methylpyridine

Question 4: For a given composition, only certain phases are possible at a given ________ and pressure.
Thermodynamic temperatureWater vaporTemperatureLightning

Question 5: ________, made by phase separation
Glass transitionPorous glassLead glassBorosilicate glass

Question 6: [1] Examples of physical properties include ________, index of refraction, and chemical composition.

Question 7: [3] ________ and colloids are examples of immiscible phase pair combinations that do not physically separate.
Injection (medicine)Dosage formEmulsionCream (pharmaceutical)

Question 8: Although this region may be very thin, it can have significant and easily observable effects, such as causing a liquid to exhibit ________.
Fluid staticsSurface tensionViscosityFluid dynamics

Question 9: The results of such experiments can be plotted in ________.
Phase transitionSolidPhase diagramGas

Question 10: In the physical sciences, a phase is a region of space (a ________), throughout which all physical properties of a material are essentially uniform.
Thermodynamic systemEnthalpyEnergyThermodynamics

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