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Pharnaces II of Pontus: Quiz


Question 1: Whilst the Romans were distracted by this, Pharnaces decided to seize the opportunity and, with the forces under his disposal and against little opposition, made himself the ruler of ________ and Lesser Armenia.
Caucasian IberiaGeorgiansGeorgia (country)Colchis

Question 2: Pompey granted Pharnaces the ________, and named him friend and ally of Rome.
CrimeaDynamis (Bosporan queen)Bosporan KingdomPhanagoria

Question 3: In 49 BC, civil war broke out between ________ and Pompey.
Lucius Cornelius SullaRoman RepublicAlexander the GreatJulius Caesar

Question 4: He had several sons, one of whom, Darius, was made king for a short time by Roman triumvir ________.
Julius CaesarCleopatra VIIMark AntonyPtolemy I Soter

Question 5: However, we know little of his youth from writers of the time and find him first mentioned after Mithridates had taken refuge from the Roman general ________ during the Third Mithridatic War.
Lucius Cornelius SullaPompeyAlexander the GreatJulius Caesar

Question 6: They met at Nicopolis in ________, Pharnaces defeated the small and green Roman army and overran Pontus.
AnatoliaTurkish peopleIstanbulTurkey

Question 7: He was the son of the great ________, a famed enemy of the Roman Republic.
Seleucid EmpireMithridates VI of PontusAlexander the GreatAttalus I

Question 8: The latter readily accepted Pharnaces overtures, for he wished to be back at ________ having seen to have made peace in the region.

Question 9: Pharnaces himself fled quickly back to the Bosporus, where he managed to assemble a small force of Scythian and ________ troops, with which he was able to gain control of a few cities.
SarmatiansIranian peoplesScythiansSlavic peoples


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