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Pharaoh Hound: Quiz


Question 1: [2] It has variously been classified as a member of the ________ group, yet its fieldwork description[3] clearly determines it as a hound.
BasenjiItalian GreyhoundAfghan HoundSighthound

Question 2: [14] However the Pharaoh Hound has yet to place at the group level in the ________, due to a lack of hounds outside Malta.
American Kennel ClubSporting GroupWestminster Kennel Club Dog ShowDog breed

Question 3: It has a strong hunting instinct, and caution should be observed when it is around small pets such as cats, ________, and rodents.
ArchaeopteryxEnantiornithesBirdModern birds

Question 4: The Pharaoh Hound is a breed of dog and the national hound of the Mediterranean nation of ________.
PhilippinesMaltaCyprusUnited States

Question 5: Because they are such good jumpers, they are well suited to the sport of ________.
Dog agilityFlyballLure coursingConformation show

Question 6: They are often classified as sighthounds, and thus compete in ________.
Lure coursingFlyballConformation showGreyhound

Question 7: Hall from Sweden,[13] was Hound Group Winner at ________, 2009.
The Kennel ClubCruftsConformation showDog breed

Question 8: [1] The breed has no conclusive links with ________ and its name in English is an artifical 20th century fabrication.
Ancient EgyptPtolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatNew Kingdom

Question 9: Their ears are thin and prone to ________ when in cold climates.

Question 10: Note that Pharaohs, like most sighthounds, are sensitive to barbiturate ________.
DepressantAnestheticGeneral anaestheticLocal anesthetic

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