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Question 1: Also notable is Nefertiti who was made co-regent (the pharaoh's equal) during the reign of ________.
Amenhotep IIIRamesses IITutankhamunAkhenaten

Question 2: [9] For instance, the first dated instance of the title pharaoh being attached to a ruler's name occurs in Year 17 of Siamun on a fragment from the ________ Priestly Annals.
RamesseumDeir el-BahriKarnakLuxor

Question 3: ________, one of three great female rulers of later Egyptian dynasties that include Neferneferuaten, possibly identical with Nefertiti, and Smenkhkare, assumed the typical titles for rulers.
Amenhotep IIIHatshepsutAhmose IThutmose III

Question 4: Once the cult of Isis and Osiris became prominent, pharaohs were viewed as a bridge between the god Osiris and human beings; and after death the pharaoh was believed to unite with ________.
Ancient Egyptian religionSet (mythology)OsirisAmun

Question 5: 1479-1425 BCE) in the ________ had become a form of address for the person of the king.
Ptolemaic KingdomAncient EgyptNew KingdomAchaemenid Empire

Question 6: By this time, the Late Egyptian word is reconstructed to have been pronounced *par-ʕoʔ whence comes ________ φαραώ pharaō and then Late Latin pharaō.
Doric GreekAncient GreekAeolic GreekAttic Greek

Question 7: Initially the rulers were considered the sons of the cow deity Bat and eventually ________ and they occupied her throne to rule the country and officiate in religious rites.
HathorIsisEgyptian pantheonMut

Question 8: The pharaoh often was depicted as wearing a false beard made of ________ hair during rituals and ceremonies.
Domestic sheepMilkCattleGoat

Question 9: The nemes was sometimes combined with the double crown, as it is on the statues of Ramesses II at ________.
PhilaeAncient Egyptian religionSet (mythology)Abu Simbel temples

Question 10: The royal line was ________ and a relationship with the royal women through birth or marriage (or both) determined the right to rule.

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