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Question 1: Through ________ (MEG), which permits visualization of activity in the human brain (Yang et al. 1994), Ramachandran verified the reorganization in the somatosensory cortex.
ElectroencephalographyMagnetoencephalographyBrain–computer interfaceAlzheimer's disease

Question 2: This interferes with the impulses travelling towards the ________ and lessens the pain felt in the phantom limb (Melzack 1992).
DigestionNervous systemSensory systemBrain

Question 3: The nerve pathways in the spinal cord are stimulated by an ________.
Maxwell's equationsElectric chargeElectric currentMagnetic field

Question 4: [1][2][3] Approximately 5 to 10% of individuals with an amputation experience phantom sensations in their amputated limb, and the majority of the sensations are ________.
Pain managementChronic painPainNociceptor

Question 5: In the early 1990s, Tim Pons, at the ________ (NIH), showed that the brain can reorganize if sensory input is cut off (Pons et al. 1991).
Greater Baltimore Medical CenterHarbor HospitalNational Institutes of HealthJohns Hopkins Hospital

Question 6: An ________ stimulator is implanted under the skin, and an electrode is placed next to the spinal cord.
Electric chargeElectricityElectromagnetismElectric current

Question 7: A slightly different sensation known as ________ can also occur in people who are born without limbs and people who are paralyzed.
Anterolateral systemAllodyniaPhantom painAnesthesia

Question 8: ________ stimulation (SCS) can be effective treatment for phantom pain.
Grey matterHuman brainSpinal cordNervous system

Question 9: median nerve (________, Ape hand deformity)
AcromegalyFibromyalgiaObesityCarpal tunnel syndrome

Question 10: Some treatments include drugs such as ________.

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