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Question 1: In the late Middle Ages the town of Matrega was built on its ruins; the site was part of a network of Genoese possessions along the northern ________ coast.
Mediterranean SeaAegean SeaBaltic SeaBlack Sea

Question 2: In the 5th century BC, the town thrived on the trade with the ________ and Sindi.
Slavic peoplesSarmatiansIranian peoplesScythians

Question 3: Among the recent finds is an inscription indicating that a ________ existed in Phanagoria as early as 51 AD.
SynagogueSephardi JewsAshkenazi JewsSpanish and Portuguese Jews

Question 4: In the 10th century, the town seems to have faced an invasion, supposedly by ________.
Rus' (people)UkraineUkrainiansUkrainian language

Question 5: A ________ tudun was nonetheless present in the town and de facto control probably rested in Khazar hands until the defeat of Georgius Tzul in 1016.
JewsAshkenazi JewsAntisemitismKhazars

Question 6: After Asparukh led the Bulgars westward to the ________, Phanagoria became (at least nominally) a Byzantine dependency.

Question 7: An inscription found during excavations testifies that Queen Dynamis honored ________ as "the emperor, Caesar, son of god, the god Augustus, the overseer of every land and sea".
AugustusDomitianRoman EmperorTiberius

Question 8: It was at Phanagoria that the insurrection broke out against ________, shortly before his death; and his sons, who held the citadel, were obliged to surrender to the insurgents.
Attalus IAlexander the GreatSeleucid EmpireMithridates VI of Pontus

Question 9: Under Kubrat and Batbayan, Phanagoria was the capital of ________.
First Bulgarian EmpireSecond Bulgarian EmpireOld Great BulgariaBulgarian Orthodox Church

Question 10: [2] The loyalty to Rome allowed Phanagoria to maintain a dominant position in the region until the 4th century, when it was sacked and destroyed by the invading ________.
Attila the HunHunsBulgarsByzantine Empire


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