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Question 1: A phalanstère was a type of building designed for a utopian community and developed in the early 1800s by ________.
Anarchist economicsCharles FourierSocialismAustrian School

Question 2: He believed gender roles could progress by shaping them within community, as they were in ________, more than by pursuits of sexual freedom or other Simonian concepts.
Religious Kibbutz MovementKibbutzIsraelHapoel HaMizrachi

Question 3: This idea would be rediscovered by ________ when he designed Unité d'Habitation, a self-contained commune, at Marseilles.
Golden ratioInternational style (architecture)Fernand LégerLe Corbusier

Question 4: Several so-called colonies were founded in the United States of America by Albert Brisbane and ________.
Stephen A. DouglasJames BuchananHorace GreeleyFranklin Pierce

Question 5: Though Fourier was able to publish several journals in Paris, among them La Phalanstère, he created no phalanstères in ________ due to a lack of financial support.
Eastern EuropeEuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 6: ________ conceived the phalanstère as an organized building designed to integrate urban and rural features.
Anarchist economicsCharles FourierSocialismAustrian School


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