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Phagocytosis: Quiz


Question 1: Oxygen-independent degradation depends on the release of granules, containing proteolytic enzymes such as ________, lysozyme and cationic proteins.
Peripheral membrane proteinCathelicidinPore-forming toxinDefensin

Question 2: Oxygen-dependent degradation depends on NADPH and the production of ________.
Oxidative stressMetabolismReactive oxygen speciesAntioxidant

Question 3: The process is only homologous to eating at the level of single-celled organisms; in multicellular animals, the process has been adapted to eliminate debris and pathogens, as opposed to taking in fuel for cellular processes, except in the case of the ________.

Question 4: One of the features of an apoptotic cell is the presentation of a variety of intracellular molecules on the cell surface, such as Calreticulin, Phosphatidylserine (From the inner layer of the plasma membrane), Annexin A1 and oxidised ________.
Trans fatLow-density lipoproteinCholesterolAtherosclerosis

Question 5: In many ________, phagocytosis is used as a means of feeding, providing part or all of their nourishment.

Question 6: It is possible for cells other than dedicated phagocytes (such as ________) to engage in phagocytosis.
MicrogliaDendritic cellWhite blood cellEosinophil granulocyte

Question 7: Phagocytosis is a specific form of endocytosis involving the vesicular internalization of solid particles, such as ________, and is therefore distinct from other forms of endocytosis such as the vesicular internalization of various liquids.
Gram-positive bacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-negative bacteriaBacteria

Question 8: Opsonins such as C3b and ________ can act as attachment sites and aid phagocytosis of pathogens.
AntibodyAutoantibodyImmune systemAdaptive immune system

Question 9: Phagocytosis [from Greek , phago- "eating", -cyte "vessel", -osis a process] is the cellular process of phagocytes and protists of engulfing solid particles by the ________ to form an internal phagosome.
Vesicle (biology)Cell wallCell nucleusCell membrane

Question 10: Phagocytosis is involved in the acquisition of nutrients for some cells, and in the ________ it is a major mechanism used to remove pathogens and cell debris.
Lymphatic systemToll-like receptorImmune systemAdaptive immune system

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