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Petrozavodsk: Quiz


Question 1: Although ________ abolished the Olonets Governorate, it was revived as a separate guberniya in 1801, with Petrozavodsk as its centre.
Paul I of RussiaPeter III of RussiaNicholas I of RussiaAlexander I of Russia

Question 2: The industry was revived in 1773, when ________ established a new iron foundry upstream the Lososinka River.
Peter I of RussiaCatherine II of RussiaAlexander I of RussiaNicholas II of Russia

Question 3: At first the foundry was named Shuysky zavod (literally, "________ at the Shuya River"), but a decade later its name was changed to Petrovsky zavod, after the reigning monarch.
BirminghamManchesterFactoryIndustrial Revolution

Question 4: The church retained its original ________ until this relic of Peter's reign was destroyed by fire on 30 October 1924.
TemplonIconostasisRoyal doorsJohn the Baptist

Question 5: From Petrozavodsk harbor a hydrofoil service carries people to the island of Kizhi, a ________ with an outdoor museum of ancient wooden architecture.
Universal Postal UnionUnited Nations Human Rights CouncilWorld Heritage SiteFood and Agriculture Organization

Question 6: Local pundits claim that the first ________ in the world (чугунный колесопровод) was inaugurated for industrial uses of the Alexandrovsky foundry in 1788.
Train stationTransportRail transportTrain

Question 7: The suburb of Martsialnye Vody is the oldest spa in ________, founded by Peter I in 1714 and visited by the Tsar on four occasions.
MoscowRussiaRussian cultureUnited States

Question 8: Petrozavodsk (Russian: Петрозаво́дск; Karelian/Vepsian/Finnish: Petroskoi) is the capital of the ________, Russia, with a population of 266,160 (2002 Census).
IngushetiaDagestanRepublic of KareliaKomi Republic

Question 9: During the Finnish occupation of East Karelia in the ________ (1941–1944), the occupier chose to style the city Äänislinna (or Ääneslinna), rather than the traditional Petroskoi.
Continuation WarEastern Front (World War II)Vyborg–Petrozavodsk OffensiveWinter War

Question 10: Designed to provide cannons for the ongoing Russo-Turkish Wars, the foundry was named Alexandrovsky, after ________, who was considered a patron saint of the region.
Orthodox ChurchTallinnAlexander NevskyGolden Horde

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