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Peterborough: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the motto of Peterborough?
"Heart of the Rock"
The Rock of Chickamauga, Rock Steady, Rock Force
Upon this rock
Home of the Rocks!

Question 2: [117] As Mayor of Peterborough, Sir Richard Winfrey founder of what would become the East Midland Allied Press, was perhaps the last person to read the ________ in 1914.
Statutory Instrument (UK)United Kingdom legislationBlack ActRiot Act

Question 3:

Question 4:
What is Peterborough classified as?
City and unitary authority
Statutory City
Port City
Resort and City

Question 5: [22] British Sugar remains headquartered in Woodston, although the ________ factory, which opened there in 1926, was closed in 1991.
PotatoMaizeSugarcaneSugar beet

Question 6:
What timezone is Peterborough in?
UTC + 6:30
Chilean Standard

Question 7: ________, giving other internet service providers direct access, is completed at four out of 12 exchanges.
Telecom New ZealandLocal-loop unbundlingITU G.992.5Local number portability

Question 8: ________, who attended the King's School and still lives in Eastrea near Whittlesey.
WalesEnglandCardiff UniversityBrian J. Ford

Question 9:
When was Peterborough established?
1998 into, Toronto

Question 10: In the late twentieth century the main source of immigration has been from Commonwealth countries such as ________ and Pakistan.
Research and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndia

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