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Question 1: This series was replaced with a new Spider-Man title, ________ Vol.
The Amazing Spider-Man (comic book)The Spectacular Spider-ManThe Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2)Peter Parker: Spider-Man

Question 2: Peter Parker: Spider-Man (originally titled simply Spider-Man), was a monthly ________ series published by Marvel Comics that ran for 98 issues from 1990-1998.
Comic bookGraphic novelBritish comicsAmerican comic book

Question 3: The series originally was conceived as a showcase for ________.
Spawn/BatmanGreg CapulloSpawn (comics)Todd McFarlane

Question 4: The renumbering of the title to a new #1 appeared to be a ________ device intended to raise sales in the short term.
Marketing managementMarketingBusiness marketingAdvertising

Question 5: This addition to the title also referenced the original title of the Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man series, which had been renamed simply ________ years earlier in 1988.
The Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2)The Spectacular Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man (comic book)Peter Parker: Spider-Man

Question 6: Larsen wrote and drew the six-issue story arc "Revenge of the ________" (#18-23).
Sinister SixElectro (Marvel Comics)Sandman (Marvel Comics)Stan Lee

Question 7: The series then continued uninterrupted until the arrival of ________ to the Spider-Man titles heralded a relaunch of the entire line.
John ByrneJack KirbyStan LeeWolverine (comics)

Question 8: Peter Parker: Spider-Man is the name of two comic book series published by ________, both of which feature the character Spider-Man.
Marvel ComicsMarvel StudiosMarvel EntertainmentMarvel Animation


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