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Peter Pan (2003 film): Quiz


Question 1:
Who of these people produced Peter Pan (2003 film)?
Patrick McCormick
Lauren Moews Vilchik & Patrick Durham & Jonathan Sachar
Patrick G. Donahue
Patrick Moran,

Question 2:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Peter Pan (2003 film)?

Question 3:
Who of the following was a direct of Peter Pan (2003 film)?

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Peter Pan (2003 film) have?
Pan Am Flight 1736
Kermit Pan
Peter Pan
Al Pan, Pan y Al Vino

Question 5:
What company distributed Peter Pan (2003 film)?
British Lion-Columbia Ltd
Columbia Broadcasting System
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Columbia Pictures

Question 6:
Who of the following starred in Peter Pan (2003 film)?

Question 7: Wendy and Peter free them, with help from the ________ princess Tiger Lily (Carsen Gray) and the timely arrival of the crocodile that ate Hook's hand.
Classification of indigenous peoples of the AmericasIndigenous peoples of the AmericasModels of migration to the New WorldPre-Columbian era

Question 8:
Who wrote Peter Pan (2003 film)?

Question 9:
In US dollars, what was the budget of Peter Pan (2003 film)?
NZD 6.2m
250,000 C$

Question 10:
Who did the editing for Peter Pan (2003 film)?
Garth Craven
Donald W. Ernst
Kim Hyeon


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