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Peter Handke: Quiz


Question 1: Former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milošević asked that Handke be summoned as witness for the defence before the ________, but the writer declined.
International Criminal CourtInternational Criminal Tribunal for the former YugoslaviaUniversal jurisdictionSpecial Court for Sierra Leone

Question 2: During the 1980s, he travelled extensively, visiting amongst other places, ________, Japan and Yugoslavia.
WashingtonAlaskaUnited StatesNorthwestern United States

Question 3: In fact, in a letter to the French Nouvel Observateur, he offered a translation of his speech: "The world, the so-called world, knows everything about Yugoslavia, ________.
SerbiaMontenegroBosnia and HerzegovinaBelgrade

Question 4: Handke has been living with the German ________ Katja Flint since 2001.

Question 5: After leaving Graz, Handke lived in D├╝sseldorf, Berlin, Kronberg (all in Germany), in Paris, France, in the U.S. (1978 to 1979) and in Salzburg, ________ (1979 to 1988).
AustriaCzech RepublicHungaryPoland

Question 6: Handke's positions regarding the ________ were challenged by the Slovenian writer and essayist Drago Jan─Źar and the two have engaged in a long polemic.
Srebrenica massacreOperation StormYugoslav WarsBosnian War

Question 7: This is why I am here today, close to Yugoslavia, close to ________, close to Slobodan Milošević".
MontenegroSerbiaBelgradeBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 8: In 1959, he moved to ________, where he went to high school.
KlagenfurtAustriaViennaCarinthia (state)

Question 9: While studying, he established himself as writer, linking up with the Grazer Gruppe (the ________ Authors' Assembly), an association of young writers.

Question 10: In the same ________, Handke also frontally attacked Western media for misrepresenting the causes and consequences of the war.


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